Welcome to my new blog! Over the past few years I’ve collected a number of writings to share. These mostly focus on the Python programming language and other software engineering topics, but occasionally there will be a few random side-obsessions thrown in to keep things spicy.

For the time being, this site is powered by the static site generator Jekyll and a lightly modified version of its default theme, Minima.

A few other options were considered before I settled on Jekyll:

  • Write my own static site generator in Python
  • Write my own dynamic content management system from scratch using Flask
  • Use an existing Python-based static site generator like Pelican

However, I ultimately decided on Jekyll. Even though it’s written in Ruby, with which I have next to nil experience, I liked the default theme and it was a much faster route to getting words on the screen than something written from scratch.

Anyway, happy reading and I hope you enjoy my musings.